Monday, April 30, 2012

The devil is in the details...

this drawing has actually progressed pretty quickly this past week...must have drawn more that i realized!! cool!

i have another drawing i want to start of a pathway i took at my sister's home last kinda excited to finish this one up and get going on the next!

Monday, April 23, 2012

switzer falls and a new drawing!

i found a new highly enthusiastic hiking partner daughter Emily. the last time we went hiking (many, many years ago) her attitude was quite the opposite, using such phrases as "doesn't this place have any escalators?" no honey, there are only escalators in buildings! and over and over, "when will we be there?"

most of my hikes have no destination point...except this hike rewarded us with an intensely beautiful waterfall at the end! and maybe that made all the difference...or maybe it's the 4 years since!!

i just know that this was one of the most stunningly spectacular places i've ever hiked!! and i'm totally blessed that it's so close to home!!
 this is the start of a new drawing, inspired by the theme of "memories" for the brand 41 works on paper competition. when i was thinking of ideas for this theme, my mind flashed back to growing up in rural wisconsin...climbing trees, catching tadpoles, skates that had keys to adjust them, sailing homemade boats down a small creek that formed at spring time in our backyard! even tho we had a swing set and not a tire swing hanging from our old willow tree, this represents all those combined memories. so i am highly enjoying drawing this makes me feel very nostalgic!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.
  Edgar Degas

 well, i finally put to rest "out of the burrow" (see previous post). i fixed the areas on the bottom of the piece that i wasn't feeling the love for and at least to me it's much better. now for this piece (above), "along for the ride"...ugh...i have reworked the background more times than i can remember and still am not happy with it! i have a few ideas but need to sit with it for awhile. i won't be entering it in the birds in art show as i feel it's just not up to my standards for entering such a prestigious show.
i don't know why i am in such an elephant mood this year...i must be dreaming of kenya!! but here is the start of a new piece. i started with the most challenging part first...the background and making these egrets look like they are in motion and not just hanging in mid air. so far i am not liking the background but am going to keep at it until satisfied!! 

this seems to be a recurring theme lately...highly dissatisfied with certain areas in my drawings!!


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