Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my weekend

 Tanner (c) Kathryn Hansen 2011

pheeeewww...i just finished this drawing in the nick of time...worked 7 hours on it sunday afternoon and evening and sent it out yesterday in the mail. i don't recall ever drawing that long before! 

on saturday i just had to finish decorating as i was so tired of looking at all the cardboard boxes sitting in my family room for weeks on end. i emptied one box of stuffed animals onto the couch as josie slowly climbed up and snuggled in amongst them and fell fast asleep!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

holiday art fair

 what a fun day i had at the mcgroarty holiday art fair on saturday!! not only did i do really, really well, selling lots of small collages and photo blocks, but this gorgeous1924 home, named “rancho chupa rosa,” after the indigenous plant was just beautifully decorated by the staff. there was live music but since i was upstairs i unfortunately didn't hear it. but i was surrounded by lovely art vendors and there were lots and lots of interesting people, eager to spend money...all day long!! 
one of my favorite things was the chili bowl sale, where you choose your favorite ceramic bowl made there at the center and filled it with your choice of 5 different kinds of chili for $10! cool idea huh?!!

all in all it was a wonderful, happy, successful day!!


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