Monday, January 31, 2011

selling in a slow market part II~actions

okay, here's my thoughts on actions to take during slow times.
#1...get creative!!! this is a super time to expand and try something new... i've been creating some small collages and i upgraded my editing system, so i've been playing with that a lot lately. branching out, expressing myself, stretching my imagination were some of my goals for 2011...and i'm doing it! your community. this is a great time to find other like minded people who support your dreams. i've created an awesome community on facebook, and here on my blog of absolutely incredible friends, well-wisher and cheerleaders!!
#3...get out into the community, start finding friends and supporters outside of the on-line world. I joined a group called PAL, pasadena animal league where we hold an art auction event every other year to raise much needed funds for the humane society.

#4...find new avenues and streams of income. i'm working on creating an e-course right now, plus sending out dvd's of my art to coffee shops, restaurants, etc. and looking for places to teach art. be inventive...leave business cards every a small ad in your local school newsletter...even AYSO has ads from time to time.
#5...clean. clean out closets, your studio, deep clean your can't believe how good it feels to lighten up and have things fresh. a positive side-effect is that once you free your physical space from the clutter you also free your mind! it's like you're consciously making room for something more or new to come into your life!
what are some things you do during slow times?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

selling in a slow market

just thought i'd throw out some things i've been doing, changing, applying at this time when a lot of people, in general are crying about this economy.

i believe we create our reality through our thoughts, attitudes, feelings, beliefs, choices and matter what the economy is like. or as alan cohen would say~a visionary sees and remembers the big picture!

so #1...i consciously change my thoughts to more positive affirmations such as my artwork sells easily without much effort on my part, all good flows to me, and the universe is always abundant!

#2...i have a positive attitude and one of gratitude...i do 5 daily gratitudes every morning and consciously give thanks for things throughout my day...a green light, a close parking space, being included in a treasury on etsy.

#3...beliefs create our reality more than the others...if you wanna know exactly what you are thinking try this exercise. take some very cheap paper...lots of it and just start writing...write about anything (no one is going to see free with it), just don't stop, not for awhile...write 2, 4, 10 pages. put it away for 24 hours then go back and read it...underline strong statements...those are what you really believe. and now you can change those beliefs by turning them into positive affirmations. and here's the key...really feel those affirmations. if you write and say them with feeling and conviction they can change your life.

#4...choice. choices can supersede any belief. if you feel stuck with a belief/ new affirmation make a new choice for yourself. i always say to doesn't matter what choices i made in the past i can make a new choice right now! and...i am willing to choose a better reality...i am willing to have my art sell....i am willing to have all good things flow to me. and guess what...they do!

#5...decisions. you get to decide how well you do in life by your thoughts and actions. i decided not to listen to the news and doom sayers...i decide how i spend my time and who i hang friends are positive and uplifting not negative.

try some of these things...seriously, they do work...just stick with it!!

next post...actions i take in a slow selling market.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

i love this photo (after all my creative editing!!) my daughter took of me in the courthouse in santa front of a painting, wild curly hair and camera on my me!

and by the way, let me tell you...i'm in love, i'm in love, i'm in love...with santa barbara!! i really am! and only after 4 glorious days!! i fall fast!

my friend julie and i had a morning routine..we got up early walked one block from our apartment to the beach, ordered coffee, walked on the pier and watched pelicans dive bomb into the ocean for tasty fish and dolphins gliding past...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh....the memories!! plus we had absolutely picture perfect weather to boot!

but i'll be back there again soon...cuz there's just so much more to explore and experience!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 
Eleanor Roosevelt
**new art work coming soon...i promise!!**


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