Tuesday, January 27, 2009

continuing the dialogue

6x8 drawing of some grafitti in LA

I scanned my bookshelf this morning for my copy of The 12 Secrets. Opened it up to chapter 3 and read...Creativity demands that you trust and stay on the path despite obstacles. I thought..hmmmm...the obstacle must be my inner critic/judge. But digging deeper, I realized that my inner critic was a blessing to me this weekend. I fell into creating some very ordinary collages this weekend even though that nagging voice kept screaming that they were beneath my talents. And it was true. My creativity was waning a bit last week and I didn't honor that, knowing that everything waxes and wanes...that's life. So, last night I pushed myself a bit...started drawing again (after a 3 week break from it) to create a drawing collage. Cross your fingers as I hope this experiment succeeds as I gain my footing to combine these two medias. But, even if it's a total disaster I'm going to trust and stick to the creative path! Never give up!

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