Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I candy Wednesday

There are sooooooo many talented artists out there in the universe that I thought on Wednesdays I'd start sharing some of my favorites with you. I found this artist (Gothicrow) on What I relish about this particular piece (and many of her other pieces): the lighting, that it's monochromatic...which you know I LOVE!!, I also have an affection for worn/dilapidated buildings, the placement/design of the crows in this photo...whether that was by happenstance or's great. Just the whole feeling of it...haunting is the best word I can use to discribe it. Beautiful work!! I may have to buy Star that one too!!


sherry smyth said...

I love finding new work, new artists and exploring on etsy...I spend WAY too much time there but it makes me happy! I'll check this one out!!

Kathryn Hansen said...

Yeah...I'm on there a lot too!!

Cindy said...

Thanks so much for sharing this artist with us. I'm off to etsy to investigate! This piece is absolutely beautiful ... "haunting" is just the word I was thinking of, too!


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