Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i candy wednesday...

Jetty Kolobarić

...again!! I love this day! I get to share with you some very talented artists that I find exceptionally creative! I had a hard time picking which piece of work I loved more...but finally choose this one: Papillon Nocturne by JKPhotography on ( . The textures he/she creates in their photography pieces are what catches my eye first, along with their very moody colors. When I scroll down Jetty Kolobaric's Etsy shop, their body of work takes me back to Wisconsin on a beautiful gloomy winter day...that monotone just brings up all kinds of feelings for me.

And I really enjoy reading their process in creating each piece...the descriptions are very interesting to read.

Go over and take a look...I promise you these photopieces will take you far away in thought!

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