Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This past weekend I spent an awful lot of time photographing my little collages. To my frustration none of them turned out...ugh!! I'm perplexed as to my next step. I used both my camera and my daughters brand new canon. I think I need to get a camera that has a micro lense on it for extreme close ups because every card is blurred, as you can see. Well....I guess the learning continues!

On a better note, I did paint the three mini easels I bought, and I REALLY like them...I think I will buy unpainted frames and paint them the same way. And I discovered a cute little shop in Tujunga that sells scrapbook making supplies...that's where I got the decorative tacks to put on the easels.

Tomorrow I'll share one of my newest drawings in my graffiti series.

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