Monday, May 4, 2009

Accomplished very little for art work this weekend. So busy with other activities around the house (cleaning and yard work) and had terrible allergies on Sunday (could bearly see out of my left eye). Along with that I also had a touch of the blahs or blues, maybe it was even a bit of depression. But I did manage to get this piece done on Saturday and I'm very happy with it. Have a few more ideas for these cropped face/eye pieces in the works. They are really appealing to me right now, speaking volumes in regards to my mood and feelings. I still feel like an emotional rollercoaster inside and look forward to finding some even ground to stand on soon. I know it is all a choice and I am allowing myself to feel down, I guess it's just a sad period in my life and I have to give myself the space and permission to feel what I'm feeling without berating myself for it. Letting go of someone you loved so deeply and unconditionally is not the easiest thing in the world to do. And I terribly miss my mom as well... I know she would never have minded me rehashing this same issue over and over (and over!) to her on the phone. She was always great like that!

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