Friday, May 1, 2009

another one done...

Finished this piece last night along with my commissioned's exciting to get so much done lately! This is one of my wise, I like how the white catches your eye at the bottom and carries it up and out the top. The saying really stands out in red. And I love the drippy F... my brain always reads it as "if" with that white band to the left of it.

Got more done on this piece the other day...coming along nicely...I may put a vertical saying to the right of his hair...not sure about that tho.

While drawing, been listening to an awesome CD by Lazaris~ Forgiveness: The Miracle of Magic.'s extraordinary! I have felt so much lighter these past few days because of it. It does no good (for me) to hold onto anger, unhappiness and feels so much better to forgive and release the past. I've even gotten back to the gratitude and love, which is a wonderful place to be. I don't have to ever forget what my ex-boyfriend has done but I can definitely forgive why he did what he did. And as a bonus to forgiving myself as well, it allows in more self acceptance ..." Self-acceptance is so vital. And you see, the beauty and power of accepting yourself, we suggest, is that it allows you to receive." Which to me means allowing in more love, more goodness, more healing...more of everything, so I can really start getting excited about what lies ahead.

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