Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As it was both my birthday (yeah...48!!) and Mother's Day last weekend, nothing was accomplished over the course of those two days...except for celebrating of course!! And...I have a "day job" so my only time for art is later on in the evenings. So, considering the small amount of time I have during the week to spend on my art, I guess I am progressing! My Venice beach scene is coming along...working on the sand right now. Not sure if I will be adding color or not to this's missing something but haven't put my finger on it yet.

This is a new piece just started on Monday. As I said in one of my earlier posts I want to put my own messages in my graffiti pieces and since I've been working on self-love and forgiveness lately, thought this piece was appropriate to start working on. Louise Hays says that all problems can be traced back to a lack of self love and acceptance. That all our experiences (good or constricting) are just outer effects of our inner thoughts...and I highly agree. I've been so stuck in my pain and the past lately, but am making a conscious choice to release, think different thoughts, and making a commitment to loving myself more and to being happy again. And that feels really good!

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