Monday, May 18, 2009

hummingbird encounters

(Flickr: The Nature Nook)

(Flickr: Dennis J2007)

Early Saturday morning I was working with the forgiveness CD I keep talking about. It has been one of the most powerful CD's I've worked with since I discovered Lazaris 15 years ago. On the CD are two meditations, one for self-forgiveness and the other for forgiving another. I did the second one weeks was so intense and after I came out I looked out my familyroom window and what did I see? A hummingbird!! Let me stress that I rarely see hummingbirds around my house or the neighborhood. Then this past Saturday morning I did the self-forgiveness meditation, and what did I see again? A hummingbird outside my bedroom window!! It just blew me away! For anyone who is as interested in animal totems and spirits as I am, a hummingbird is a messenger of joy!! " The hummingbird comes when it seems that what needs to be done is impossible. It teaches how to find joy in any circumstance!" WOW! It just lifted the resonance of my whole weekend. I'm so excited knowing that miracles are abound and they are endless!!

"Nothing has to be the same. Nothing. You can touch the joy that has no name; it can touch and change you. You can embrace the love that is beyond all names; it can embrace and heal you. With a pinch of magic, nothing has to be the same. It is so and so it is. Dare you let it be?"


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