Wednesday, May 27, 2009

up to my ears... framing... all weekend long! The above drawing is how I felt by Monday evening!! I'm not kidding!

But I'm all done...well, er, except for one piece I started (another face close up) that I would really like to finish for my show. See how nicely it would go (see below) in that lower right hand corner!

Tonight I am on to sewing my table clothes...yes I didn't have enough to do, so thought I would heap more on my already full plate!! But, I just could not find exactly what I wanted around town or on the internet...I did really try tho...believe me!! And hopefully tonight I will not spend two hours yapping away on the phone like I did last night! The time just flew by and all of a sudden it was 10 pm...and with my brother no less. Life is kinda funny at times, how loses and grief can bring two people together that were never particularly close!! I love it...I guess we've both changed enough to find a lot of common's been a wonderful thing in the face of so much heartache.

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