Monday, July 27, 2009


WOW...i just can't even believe it's been a whole year since i started up this blog. seems totally much has happened in my life in that one year. when i started writing here, i had absolutely no direction or purpose at all. i was still looking for my creative voice, and just learning about connecting with clients around the united states. i didn't think about who my audience was, what i would say...i had nothing! as my journey progressed tho, i found myself opening up more and more, sharing my art work and my life~ it's been a quite a trip! and i love it!!

i am feeling so grateful today~ to all my clients, to all the lovely people that have written me, and to everyone else that has stopped by here to see what i'm up to!

so, to celebrate I am having a
give away...not just 1 thing, not just 2 things...but 3 pieces of art!!

nuzzling horses is an original 8 x 10 drawing, colored with two different kinds of tea and mottled with sea salt. it comes with a mat and shrink wrapped for safety. favorite, is a print from my original graphite drawing.

and last, but not least a set of assorted note cards, snuggled in individual plastic sleeves.

just leave a comment below about what you're celebrating this year. the drawing will be held on wed and announced here on thursday...good luck to all!!


Veganosaurus said...

Awesome giveaway! Your art is beautiful! :)

Well this year my biggest celebration will be my 30th (in November). I know people usually feel sad about turning a decade but I have been feeling really good about it. 29 has been a great year and I know 30 will be even more awesome! :)

Lori said...

Wow- your work is stunningly beautiful- the horses and the black cat are so sweet. I am celebrating one year married to my husband this summer and my 40th year :)

mvegan said...

Oh wow, love your animals! ;0) SO beautiful and magical and sweet! I'm celebrating my wedding this year, we were married on May 18th, its so amazing to be married to the one I love! ;0) Happy one year anniversary! Michele


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