Thursday, July 2, 2009

the artist's guide

i'm an avid reader, so if a book doesn't capture my attention by page 5 it goes right back on my bookshelf to collect dust. this book will definitely not be collecting dust. i've only read the introduction and first chapter so far as there is a lot, a lot, a lot...did i say a lot(!) of writing/homework involved in the first chapter.

i like this book so much because Jackie Battenfield has a very easy going style of writing and to me is empathic and speaks from her heart. She gets me super excited about taking total control over my career.

Jackie Battenfield

It starts by determining your "big dream" and what your goals are. Then how to define them, and make them happen by breaking things down into easy, small steps, stressing planning and making lists.

so, i highly recommend this book and will absolutely be talking about it throughout the coming months on my blog.

well.....i'm grabbing my coffee and getting back to work on my "big dream"

hope you have a fantabulous 4th of July weekend! i won't be around for a short while because i am on vacation til wednesday. my daughters and i are taking day trips around southern cal...i'm really looking forward to it. should be great fun! see ya next week!

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Liason said...

awesome! look forward to hearing about it. :)


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