Monday, July 13, 2009

busy weekend!!

in between my chauffeuring duties, a house full of girls, sleepovers, end of season soccer party and the movies (Up-you gotta see it, it's delightful...very funny!) i did manage to sneak in a bit of drawing! i finished my commission piece of an orange main coon and my extreme close up. also got in some work on my graffiti dog piece as well. Tonight, i want to finish up my owl as i have to ship it off soon to the california wildlife center. Oh yeah...and tonight starts my e-course on recycling remix with a wonderful graffiti artist alisa burke. check out her blog, she makes these very cool graffiti purses.


Daniela said...

Hey Kat. I enjoy looking at all your drawings. Many of them have an energy and movement that is real. What type of mediums do you use? Did you go to school for art?
I recently ventured to LA this past month and I'm curious on what inspired the graffiti art. Is there a location you like to go to see the graffiti. I think its and interesting mix to have pet animal art and also graffiti. I like the combination pieces the best.
-Daniela Gauna San Antonio, TX

Kathryn Hansen said...

Hi Daniela!

All my drawings are done with Staedtler graphite pencil.

Yes..I've had lots of schooling both in WI and here in CA. I will say tho, that the way to get better at anything, is to practice, practice, practice. I draw almost every day.

There is graffiti everywhere in the LA and surrounding areas. I think I just really started noticing it a few years ago and while out on one of my photo shoots to get ideas for drawings, I came across an old abandoned building around the garment district...anything textured (old and worn)and shadowed has always intrigued me. After taking tons of photos I just got really excited to draw that building..the drawing is titled Omar...I put a dog and even more graffiti in it. But I would say that's where it all began and now just keeps growing!

Liason said...

i really love seeing these in progress shots, it is amazing to see the evolution, and of course your incredible level of detail.


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