Thursday, July 16, 2009

chapter 2

onto chapter 2 now of The Artist Guide...ooohhhh's about writing the dreaded artist statement!! this is VERY challenging for me, trying to describe my entire body of creative process, philosophy, vision, and passion. hhmmmm, i'm going to be stuck on this chapter for awhile, better pour myself another glass of wine!

so, in this chapter, Ms Battenfield covers all the promotional tools: work samples, artist statement, resume, and biography."assembling a great set of promotional tools develops confidence and enriches your creative process." she is right, this is part of the whole creative process and the first connection between you and your viewers. and that first impression has to be a memorable one. working diligently on my own statement has really helped me focus and hone in on my intentions with my art. in other words, why i draw what i draw.

but...if you get stuck like me, and need some additional resources, here ya go:

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