Sunday, July 19, 2009


on this tranquil sunday morning, with two cats laying next to me, i am totally stoked and happy.

for those of you who have been following my blog for awhile know that these last 8 months for me have been some of the most difficult and challenging months in my life. but, i am feeling quite successful in healing the grief from my two losses now. it's been a tremendous amount of hard work and tears to get to this point, but i knew without a doubt last night that i had finally arrived when i heard a sad song on my mp3 player, while walking my dog josie and I DIDN'T CRY!! yahhhooooo!! not only did i not cry BUT i just felt this immense gratitude wash over me! double yahhhooooo!!

i am feeling fully at peace with my past now.

i've been given this gift of space lately where i could make some very conscious choices about my career with the help of some beautiful guides...marisa from my e-course and the book, the artist guide. i am feeling very blessed and VERY excited to start weaving my dreams.

in the next few weeks i will be updating my very neglected etsy sight with new work and photos. i will be doing my very first give away for the 1 year anniversary (28th of july) of my blog, finishing up my artist statement and smaller one sentence descriptions of each of my pieces in my graffiti series, painting my bathroom and giving attention to my over-grown front yard. phew...just a few things on top of my many other responsibilities... but it feels soooooooo good! and doable!

i'm setting things in motion now and feeling unstoppable!!
in the words of austin powers, the international man of mystery..."yeah baby"!

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