Wednesday, August 26, 2009

chapters 3 & 4

okay...i have to confess that i kinda skimmed chapter 3 as i know i will not be having a showing of my work at my house. but chapter 4 was very informative on showing at nonprofit spaces. which coincidentally i had just been looking into, around my area before i began that chapter... and i did find two potential spaces!

but that sends me right back to getting my promotional package together. which i've been talking about for months here on my blog but haven't achieved as of yet...why am i stalling on it? because it's just not jelling together, that's why not!! or i should say, i haven't found a way to logically connect my graffiti drawings & my face drawings you see my conundrum?!!

i'm hoping for some divine intervention in my sleep and it will all magically come together!!

until then...

i'll keep plugging away at it little by little until it's brilliant!! and dream about being in an art gallery again!!

ps...i have to tell you about my new pray love! i can't put it down...i'm stealing moments here and there because it's soooo deliciously good i can't stop reading it! i love her sense of humor and i relate to it deeply! so there you go...that's what i've been doing for two days instead of drawing!

1 comment:

Lori said...

good luck with everything! I know the feeling about eat pray love- impossible to put down!


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