Monday, August 17, 2009

fan page

okay...this is kinda weird for bear with me. i started a fan page (yikes!) on facebook because i am starting to get a lot of requests to be my "friend". i use to feel so horrible when i turned people down that i didn't know, but i really just wanted to keep tabs on my family and closest friends there. but now am getting more and more requests... soooo, don't ego is in tact! Just don't like ignoring or turning down people who want to connect on fb...that's all!!!phewww!okay!

so these two crazies above are the reason i joined facebook at all. my brother john wanted to keep tabs on my niece cassie who was just heading off to college for the first time. at first it was like being back at college again, following my nieces antics there in wisconsin, but then i found an old friend from high school, most of my college roommates (7 of us!), and even my first orchestra teacher from high school on it!! it's been such a blast reconnecting, catching up on and sharing emails, threads and photos with all these incredible people i have missed over the years! so, for me fb has been a huge blessing...i'm sooooooo happy my brother forced me to join!!!

i won't force you to join my fb fan page...but if you are so inclined head to the bottom of this page! and guys are wonderfully kind for asking!!

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