Monday, August 31, 2009

my weekend...

this was my very surreal weekend!

as the plummer came by to fix our clogged bathroom sink i was sorting through and packing up all our valuables into my car, as one firetruck or emergency vehicle after another, with sirens blaring charged up the street next to us to reach the blaze. i've never seen so many cars, so many people in our surrounding neighborhood as i did on saturday. the big lots parking lot by us was brimming with rv's, trailers full of 4 wheelers, and cars packed full with valuables. it was pretty crazy.

(no...those purple boots are not mine!!)

i sent my youngest to the beach on saturday with her youth group for some fresh air and fun, my oldest insisted on staying with me, worried about our animals.

(sterling keeping a watchful eye on my car packing abilities)

except for the terrible air quality all is good for us...not so much for many of my co-workers and so very many of our friends from school as the street two blocks over is now evacuating.

all my prayers are with them, again with these incredibly brave firefighters and with the abundance of animals who have been lost because of this out of control fire.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I will pray for your safety! I hope they get this contained soon and no more tragedy comes out of this fire!

Kathryn Hansen said...

thanks soooo much!!!

Lori said...

That is so unreal. I am thinking about the safety of you and your family and pets. Must be so stressful.


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