Sunday, August 16, 2009

sunday meandering

i had such a lovely sunday morning, sitting in bed with my coffee, computer, and three animals planted next to me! read comments from thoughtful viewers who have been kind enough to take the time to write me on both blogger and facebook lately. i am SO appreciative of this connection, can't even begin to tell you!

also read an interesting post on swirlygirls blog about our definitions of success and the people who push our buttons. my button pusher is my ex-boyfriend, and it's my rejection button again. on one hand it feels sooo crappy to be stabbed in the heart over and over again by this man and on the other i am
so grateful! yes grateful...that he's brought to light an issue that needs healing in me (or at least another layer of it). i wrote a little bit about it in my last post, but really realizing today just how deep this issue is with me. i wish i had the answer on how to finally heal it, i wonder how other people deal with this issue...especially fellow artists. any suggestions?!

after finishing the last drop of coffee, i took off for a great walk/mini hike up the mountainside behind my home with josie. my teenagers were still snuggled in their least until noon i suspect!

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