Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 6...how to earn and manage money

this chapter covered A LOT from earning and managing your money to diversifying your talents to pricing your work. i will definitely be slowly rereading this chapter as it really brought up so many emotions for me. it frightened me when she talked about no artist will ever make it just selling their art in a gallery and highly recommended getting a day job you like, preferably in the field of art. i also felt regret that this book wasn't around when i started all this, cuz just maybe i might have gone about this all differently. but then later on i felt enlightened and excited, knowing now that i need to adjust my course.

i keep telling myself that my past was my path to where i am today...no regrets just go forward with all this new information and start making better choices and decisions for myself. i am who i am today because of my past and i REALLY like who i am, the art work i am creating and my life! i feel extremely blessed to have had all the experiences/events/ordeals/struggles/adventures in my life... they've shaped and guided me! no regrets!

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