Sunday, November 29, 2009

hope you all had a bountiful, and wonderful thanksgiving! my celebration with family and friends was incredibly awesome and fun and now my weekend is filled not only with an abundance of delicious left overs but of painting as well. painting of hallways & bedrooms.

when my boyfriend first left me, i couldn't stand to be in my home. everywhere i turned i was haunted with memories of him. it was so bad that i was seriously considering moving to colorado near a friend. i endlessly quizzed her about real estate, jobs, schools, even colleges for months. i was so close to pulling up stakes here, but then i started sprucing up my overgrown front yard, fixing the picket fence, placing planters full of beautiful flowers and vegetables on my porch. then i started doing little things around the interior of my home, then painting. and now i have to tell you with all this painting and sprucing up i am in a whole new state of mind! it feels so good to have things looking clean and new! and those agonizing memories are now all in the past where they belong and i am working towards the future, building my dreams in so many ways!!

amazing what a coat or two of paint, along with self determination to live a grander life will do for your spirit!!


Katherine Kean said...

This is a wonderful time of year to spruce. I love heading into the new year with fresh paint on the walls.

Kathryn Hansen said...

it does feel good!!

Lori said...

Kathryn what an uplifting post! It brought back memories because I forgot that I had to paint the rooms in my house after my husband left. I am so happy for you! Did you ever hear of Byron Katie? Anyway, she says that when you loose something you have been spared. I love that. You've been spared. How good for you. And I love you cat in the paint tray:)


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