Monday, November 9, 2009

weekend update!

this is what a geek i am...i've been waiting excitedly for weeks to go to the show above, the core: art & design of the torso, because a few artists who's blog i follow, taken an e-course with, or have purchased their art work lately were all there in one could i not go!! as i pounced on each artist ( christine mason miller, marisa haedika and pixie campbell) individually last saturday evening, i got to talk with (gush over) them regarding their art and blogs! They were all so incredibly nice, authentic and fun to talk if i can only summon that kind of courage and enthusiasm when approaching potential galleries, there will be no stopping me!

besides stalking fellow artists over the weekend i also got in a lot of drawing. i actually finished jenna's hat, so have just a bit more to do on her face and background. i wanna include her as one of my entries for a competition on myartspace. speaking of which, i got some mind-blowing news over the weekend: We have added an image from your recent work on myartspace to our front page media window which shows interesting work from selective artists. We want to highlight excellent work such as yours on the site and the media window is a great vehicle for that. Congratulations! Less than 5% of all artists on myartspace get featured!! isn't that thrilling news?!! my heart just fluttered when i read it and then, i have to admit, i cried when i saw i was on the front page, cuz this means i am well on my way to achieving the success i have been chasing after for more years than i care to say!

for the next couple of days i'll be finishing up a challenging commission piece as the photo i got was so old that it's basically just a blur, so i had to fill in all the details. surprisingly it's turning out quite nice...i'll share it with you when i complete it.

until then have a creative and fun week!


Lori said...

That show must have been so fun! Congrats on myartspace. You are on your way- it seems like everything is unfolding perfectly :)

The Creative Beast said...

I can see why you added this post to your list - it seems to be the beginning of your life as an exhibiting artist - YAY! =-)


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