Sunday, December 27, 2009


copyright 2009 kathryn hansen

as i was going thru my abundance of reference photos a few months ago, i came across this image of a clients dog i drew years ago. the image really jumped out at me, along with the word fierce. i am guessing that it speaks to my self-determination. i've always felt like i was a pit bull, never letting go of something until i had an answer or achieved something i really wanted in life. this aspect of my personality has always served me, especially in this past year of my life.

i'm also taking this word into 2010 as i work diligently toward making my art career soar! i have lots of motivation, excitement and ideas to make it now happen. and i have this gut feeling deep inside me that after this past year of healing, growing, and changing ~a year of great transformation, that 2010 is the year that i once and for all, achieve some of my biggest and boldest dreams as an artist!

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