Monday, December 7, 2009

new fav

hope you had a great weekend!! i went to two gallery receptions and got in some productive studio time! YAY! i was feeling out of sorts as i had not had a chance to draw in almost a week and half. the holidays, painting interior rooms in my home (which i still have a long way to go on...ugh!) and a soccer party all kept me away from my drafting table. so it was a gratifying weekend for me in many ways! hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow so i can photograph some of my new drawings and show them to you this week!

in the mean time, just came across this incredible graffiti artist named roa on sprayblog. i found a wealth of images of this evasive artist, but no text. so i'll share a few of my favorite characterizations of his/her animals. enjoy!

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Lori said...

That is incredible art work. I feel out of sorts too when it is too long before I am doing any art. Like NOW! Hopefully this weekend I will get to work on a few paintings.


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