Wednesday, March 31, 2010

becoming an imperfectionist

half the fun of setting intentions or goals is seeing what comes up to be healed or released in the “becoming” that is required to meet that goal. christine kane

when i read this on christine's blog this morning, i just never thought of it quite in that way before. i love it!

i am in the process right now of releasing my need to create perfect, labor-intensive drawings and re-deciding new goals for myself and my art. i am really loving photography lately as it is just so fun and easy for me. i absolutely don't feel any need to make it perfect like i do with my drawings and paintings.

i realize that my perfection was covering up a few hidden agendas that go waaayyyyy back to my father, who never acknowledged my art or supported me as an artist. so i felt that if my art was just perfect he could see that this is what i wanted to be and do with my life...not accounting or nursing. after all these years i am finally letting go now of the need to have my art be perfect, realizing that perfection is the antitheses of creativity and that i've been looking outside myself for validation, which will never come and only has doomed me to failure.
(well...i honestly believe nothing fails...but you understand!)

so i am letting go of perfection and control, building my esteem and confidence and having fun!! how great is that!!

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