Monday, March 29, 2010

letting go...

we cling to the familiar because it’s safe - but the only way to get something different/better is to leave the land of the familiar!

karen salmansohn

megan in progress

learning to let go opens many new doors of possibility!

this is my new mantra as I am now permitting life to just happen instead of trying to control it. i've decided to release the pursuit of an art career at this point in my life, as i've been trying to juggle too many things and it's produced too much stress. since i really only have a few years left with my kids, i want to fully enjoy it, instead of squeezing it in amongst everything else. i will still be creating but not pushing to make it my career...instead i'm just going to have fun with it, which feels right at this point! i'll still be creating, enter contests and shows when it feels right and work in other medias such as painting and photography. so, you'll be seeing a total mix of everything now...not just graphite. and i have to tell you i'm totally jazzed to see what happens in africa and afterwards cuz according to nanci (see last post) taking photographs, especially of my travels is what's going to bring me great success!! exciting to think about!

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