Wednesday, March 3, 2010

one down....

kathryn hansen (c) march 2010

so lilly is done and waiting to be entered in the revisiting beauty competition. as you can see i am only at the beginning with megan, so she will have to sit this competition out! which is a bummer, but just didn't have enough time to complete her.

got a few more drawings framed up and ready for the 4 day event at the
gallery at the end of the world this weekend. i think i am as prepared for this show as i ever will be. i wrote up a few elevator pitches for my work, been journaling and meditating on my fears around this show...and happy to say i am feeling very clear and over them now, and am just excited and a bit nervous to see how it all goes. i just have to remember it's more about getting my work out there (instead of it hanging on my walls) and sharing it with people. any pieces that sell will be a very, very, very, very happy bonus!!

tonight i go and hang my work for the it'll be a long day...actually a long weekend but i feel like no matter what, i have grown and learned more about myself because of this event. and with this being just the start of things (i hope!) i am not only building my portfolio but my confidence as well!!

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Lori said...

That's great Kathryn. Always a work in progress! Hope the hanging went well.


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