Saturday, April 10, 2010

being powerful

i picked up and dusted off a book i read many years ago called creating true prosperity by one of my favorite authors, shakti gawain. in her chapter on money and power she writes: if we are afraid of our power, we may unconsciously keep ourselves from making much money. i really thought about this and exactly what my definition of being a powerful woman meant to me. i looked at both women i knew and women in the media, looking for common denominators. i have to tell you it totally knocked my socks off to see all the similarities that i believe make a woman powerful to me.
here's my list:

*strong emotionally~knows herself well
*is giving of her time and talent and is very caring

*confident, values herself and her time

*makes good and wise choices for herself and if those choices don't pan out makes a new choice
*influential~knows she has impact
*vulnerable~willing to be visible

*ability to act~not expecting others to do it for her

*a really good person, creating her reality thru dominion.

i am loving this list and what it means to me. realizing that power comes from who we are and not what we have! for real!

what makes you feel powerful?

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Lori said...

Now I am thinking I want to read this book. I really like her too although I have only listened to one of her books on tape, I thought it was great. Thanks for sharing this :)


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