Monday, May 17, 2010

drizzling all day long

grabbed a few shots of the rain soaked flowers and leaves in my front yard during my lunch hour today. i find the bubbles of water so fascinating...just love it!

i'm about half way thru my class now and i tell you writing out a business plan has been the most beneficial thing i have ever done in regards to my art. i've been really pushed (to the brink!) to think creatively about it for the first time and it's definitely influencing how i approach my art as a product and business. one area (features vs benefits) had me stuck for awhile but my teacher and i bounced ideas back and forth about what distinguishes my photos from others. so i was driven to find a way to make my work stand out, and i think i got there this past weekend.yeah!

for the next 3 nights i have a four hour accounting class...yikes! i've got a diet coke and some advil handy...just in case!

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