Tuesday, May 18, 2010

still sprinkling

dreary this morning with a light sprinkling. i like it tho, and the thought of how beautiful it will be this weekend photohiking in the mountains...can hardly wait!

you'll be happy to know that the advil was not needed last night...altho i may have to double my caffeine intake for tonight's class as by 9:30 i was fading fast. even tho the basics of accounting is static it's still complicated, but the teacher is patient and very understandable and i'm learning a lot. she's also very smart in that we had to go around and say why we were taking the class, so she applies some of the principles and examples to a lot of our situations.

after the business plan class (still going on), the accounting class and then the quickbooks class in june and all my hard work, i'm really starting to feel like a true entrepreneur!! all so responsible and empowered!(i have a cheesy smile on my face!!)

1 comment:

Katherine Kean said...

Sounds like an interesting mix of left and right brain going on between accounting and creating.

I'm really enjoying the direction you're going with your photography. This and the images below are gorgeous!


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