Wednesday, June 2, 2010

some kitty love

i rarely give our cats exposure on my blog...instead Josie hogs all the glory! so sunday evening i spent a wonderful time outside with the cats! they just crack me up watching them play with each other, the water from the hose and various bugs. such a joy!

started my flying lessons class with kelly rae on sunday evening as well. one of her posts was on fear and how she deals with it as it comes up for her. i was so smug thinking i don't have any fact i'm plunging right in, no problems...yeah right! this morning i wrote out a full page of all my fears, altho not all had to do with my art. but now at least i can deal with them one at a time, instead of pushing them down inside of me.

one thing kelly talked about was the fear of finally being able to call herself an artist, which at first i couldn't relate to as i have always been pretty confident about my abilities, knowing a lot of it is a skill you just keep practicing over and over. but i realized that it was near impossible for me to call myself a photographer and the same sorta garbage went thru my head as well...who do you think you are calling yourself a photographer, you don't even have an expensive camera with changeable lens...anyone who's a photographer has that...geeshhh!! and on and on. you know the chatter!

so this morning i am in gratitude for kelly's class! and to think, it's just begun...can hardly wait to see where this takes me!

wishing you a beautiful day!


getting stuff done said...

Hello there, just popped over from Flying Lessons. I love your blurb about you -very inspiring. Also what you do interests me. I have just started doing portraits of children. Not the same style as you (if you scroll down my blog I have posted some up there) My blog is really pants in the visual department, this is something I am going to be working on, but in terms of - well I was wondering if you made a living doing your pet portraits - or just how it is going. You draw incredibly well by the way. anyway. would love to here from you about it.

WrightStuff said...

Aw those cats are just too cute. My two are a soppy pair, and so nice to cuddle. Just watched a cat stalking a magpie. The bird knew it was there and kept just out of reach while chatting to the cat - teasing it I'm sure!

Noël said...

Hi Kathryn, Following you here from Flying Lessons. Your blog is lovely! I love how you have 3 columns... right now I have 2, but I really thinking about adding another. :)

韋于倫成 said...

blog is great~~祝你人氣高高~ ........................................

Amelia said...

how liberating to think that ultimately we can call ourselves what we choose (as long as we have the confidence and conviction!). I too am doing Kelly's course and have had to think hard about my fears and I realise they are there, yet more buried than I realised because, like you, I have made a fair amount of headway with my art, yet there is still more of the path to tread.

From a fellow flyer and single mother from the UK :)

Love your blog too!


rrARTz said...

you work is just gorgeous!


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