Thursday, July 29, 2010

a little bit of this and that

okay people...i only have about an hour and a half of work left to finish this drawing (to my satisfaction) and get it sent out but as this is the night before i leave for africa i have 10 million other things i have to get done too! it's not like i haven't been shopping and packing for over a week now, but i'm still not done and i also have to mow the lawn and wash the kitchen floor too...can't leave my home a wreck! so i'm a bit nervous i tell you, trying to get it all in!! so wish me luck!!

~this and that~
i just wanted to point out a few things  i've recently added to my blog. static pages on top...yeah...right there below the banner. i'm in the process of trying to figure out how to get the pages to show without the sidebars cuz i really don't like how that looks,'ll have to do for now! i'm only showing a small assortment of my work, certainly not everything i've created, otherwise it would be a very long page! AND most importantly over to your right are adoptable pets looking for a fantastic home like yours...if you live in the los angeles area that is! there are soooooo many animals in need, if you've been considering it go have a look...or at a shelter near you!

that way you can have an absolutely adorable sweet kitten like our recently adopted one (emmi), that jumps up onto your chair as soon as you exit it, even if you intended to come back very shortly but is sooooooo cute you don't have the heart to scooch her over so you move over to the couch instead with all your drawing things and then as soon as you get settled in and start drawing she jumps down and comes over by you!! see...wouldn't it be nice to have one of those things!!!

and my fortune last night from panda express...since i have no time to cook this week. at least that's my excuse (i have plenty when it comes to cooking!).


The Creative Beast said...

love the fortune cookie ;)

WOW! going to Africa sounds so exciting!! how long will you be there?

i think the drawing is beautiful as it is now, but i know how it can be as the artist wanting to submit your very best work =-)

i say forget the floor since it will get dirty again anyway - you might as well clean it ALL up when you return if there are others staying at home while you are gone...and if there ARE folks staying at home with you gone, they might clean up the floor if they hold any parties while you are out to 'hide the evidence' of such parties!

Katherine Kean said...

Good luck in getting everything done. Have a fantatstic time in Africa! I look forward to seeing photos posted when you return.


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