Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hidden places...abandon LA zoo

now that my two daughters are getting involved in and love photography as much as i do, i thought every month we'd take a mini-trip around the LA area looking for hidden places we've never seen before. first stop is the old abandoned zoo...right in griffith park, a stones throw from the current zoo. this place is really awesome cuz you can climb up inside some of the cages where it's sort of a maze with lots of graffiti. it's slightly spooky inside but neat none the less with some great hiking trails around it. well worth checking out!

~more photos here on my flickr site~


The Creative Beast said...

those are impressive images Katheryn! it's been ages since i've been to either zoo - i can see that i should make a trip out there soon...

Katherine Kean said...

Ditto - wonderful photos. I especially like the one from inside the cage - spooky, and maybe how it looked to whoever the unlucky animal that had to live there.

Kathryn Hansen said...

thanks you guys!!

yeah...impossible not to think about the poor souls who suffered there, especially when you see animals in the wild!


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