Monday, November 15, 2010

Art Walk in Montrose

 with being down with a virus almost all week, wasn't sure i was going to be able to participate in the last art walk of the year in montrose. i sucked it up tho on thursday and friday evening and with the help of my youngest daughter emily, i made the show. it was a beautiful day and altho there was very little foot traffic i did fairly well. and most importantly i am very prepared for my show at the beginning of december!  

in between customers, and talking a lot about africa, i took photos of my surroundings...shops, artists, my daughter and more to commemorate the day! i am loving this sort of new part of photo taking for me. it's made me pause, be more thoughtful to my community and life and recording it in a unique way. it's something i've been giving a lot of thought to lately...what i want to do with my photography and art and it really feels i'm finally finding my voice!

how was your weekend? did you snap any ordinary moments over your weekend? share them here if you want...would love to see them!!

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The Creative Beast said...

I'm glad you were able to feel well enough to make it to the event - the pictures you came back with are great!

I had a great time in Santa Barbara for the day and you'll be able to see my pictures of time spent in the museum at my blog:

Glad to read that you getting a sense of what you want to do next in your work =-)


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