Thursday, November 4, 2010


i was just notified that my photo of a masai child was included in the second photography competition i entered...jeffrey crussell fine art's RAP-10. i'm just floored!!!!yay...yay...yay!! i feel like my dog josie doing her happy dance when she sees me after i've been out for awhile (or before she gets fed...she loves food...and me!!)!

plus in the last few days two of my drawings were included in two more treasuries on etsy. so, it's an exciting (and busy) time for me!

i have a show coming up on nov 13th, so been working my butt off getting ready for it. doing a lot of printing, mat cutting and framing...more details next week!


The Creative Beast said...

OMG!! that is one FABULOUS image of the Masai child! His personality is really coming through =-)

congratulations Kat!! looking forward to celebrating this with you on Saturday!

You still have the exhibit in December also, don't you??

Katherine Kean said...

Congratulations! It's well earned and your excitement is contagious!


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