Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a joyful moment

Dec 27 prompt: Ordinary joy. Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year? 

this is basically impossible to answer as i had sooooooo, so, so many joyful moments this year! if i listed them all this post would be almost endless! i'll just write about my most recent joyful was christmas day....and actually i consider it to really be a christmas miracle! my 2 teenage girls got along like they had been best buddies forever! i haven't seen this kind of behavior since they were young...and actually right after my vacation, i was ready to ship them off to their father (not really...i would miss them too much...but i was definitely tempted!!), that's how bad they had gotten with each other! so, i am holding onto this moment and praying that at the very least this new found bonding will have some kind of lasting effect! (so far so good!!)

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