Friday, December 10, 2010

more reverb

 Dec 8th Prompt: Beautifully different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different - you'll find they're what make you beautiful.
ohhhh..hmmm..this one is a bit hard for me cuz i keep hearing my grandmothers voice saying quit tooting your own horn and self praise i'll take a deep breath. 

i think because i have been into metaphysics and self-growth for 17 years now, my perspective, or how i see the world and live in this world is unique, different, maybe to some a bit quirky. i think i am a very positive, upbeat, compassionate person...i love to laugh and have fun. i try to make people feel good about themselves by acknowledging them, looking them in the eye, supporting peoples dreams, trying to always be an uplifter. i believe my life and myself to be extremely valuable and so my happiness is super important to me, which comes across when i interact with people.
Dec 9th Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.
i honestly can't say that the few parties i attended in 2010 really "rocked my socks off." i always have a great time when i go out but i guess my office christmas party was not only super fun, with delicious food and wine, but a lot of my co-workers surprised me in how much they cut loose...ones i would have never suspected to do so!! i guess office christmas parties are notorious for such "shenanigans," but it's really fun to see! Plus one of my co-workers had his band play for us and they were so awesome...i haven't danced like that in awhile! soooo many interesting surprises that night!!
Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?
i can't think of any one decision in particular i made this year that stands out, but i have made an overall decision to slow way down in my decision making. Really prior to this year i was always a jumper and then dealt with the consequences afterwords, in  every aspect of my life from relationships to jobs to spending, etc. this year i can honestly say that i've truly stopped that behavior. i have NOT had one single decision this year that i regretted...that is huge for me!! taking my time to really think things thru and seeing if they are right for me has been a huge change and blessing for me!

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The Creative Beast said...

wow! these are really great observations in your reverb project!!

Congratulations on being more mindful with your decision making process - it really seems to be paying off =-)


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