Monday, May 23, 2011

i am falling
 like a stone,
 like a storm
 being born again
 into the sweet morning fog.

~the morning fog by kate bush~

these photos were taken last saturday morning on my hike in the san gabriel mountains...cloudy, foggy and really cold!! the explosion of yellow wildflowers at the base of the mountain was pretty darn impressive!

this past weekend i was at an incredible/life altering lazaris workshop, so jos and i didn't get out at all into nature. by the time i got home on sunday evening i was a good way, but i  had no energy to do an early evening hike. although the clouds were so beautiful it would have been super nice to catch the sunset!!


patty said...

Mmmm... I absolutely love shooting in the fog, especially when it is moving and changing - nothing quite like it! I'm not familiar with lazaris - will have to look it up!

Katherine Kean said...

Beautiful photos!


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