Monday, August 1, 2011

miracles are a manifestation that supersedes our expectations...both quotes by Lazaris

lately i've been working intensely with my image as a successful artist and consciously creating miracles in my life. i've already seen my resistances beginning to break down, the clouds parting and evidence that's keeping me very excited and motivated!!

i have an abundance of ideas that i'm in the process of implementing:

e-books on drawing, a new process with my photos, more creative blog posts, smaller drawings of objects i collect while out and about in nature, plus checking out more art fairs to participate in next year!!

i have a truck load of enthusiasm happening stay tuned!!!


The Creative Beast said...

WOW!!! I can feel your energy LEAPING from this blog post Kathryn!! I'm looking forward to seeing it all reveal itself in the days and weeks to come =-)

Katherine Kean said...

Ditto - you're inspiring!

Jennifer RIchardson said...

really love the bright and tender
beauty of this space you've created
....found myself looking forward
to coming back to soak awhile:)


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