Monday, September 19, 2011

wrapped up in fog

 this lovely hike in the fog was the only thing on my to-do that actually got done this past weekend!!
it was an art filled weekend, just not with drawing or working on my pile of photo blocks, but with music. 

i unexpectedly scored tickets for moulin rouge at the hollywood bowl saturday seats right up front and middle. it was a spectacular show from the orchestra to the can can dancers, parisian singer and synchronized fireworks!! then sunday night again i lucked out and got an opportunity to see celtic bands at the ford theater. i was sooo inspired by these concerts, i just wanted to jump up on stage and start playing my violin along side them cuz heck, they looked so joyful, having the time of their lives up there!! but since i haven't played in more years than i can remember, i would have cleared the house!! so i just had a fantastic time in my seat instead!

i'll get back on track tonight with my art!!


Dyche Designs said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend, aren't they the best.

Anonymous said...

An art filled weekend indeed Kathryn...
The show at the Hollywood Bowl sounds so fantastic.

The Creative Beast said...

DANG! You saw can can at Hollywood Bowl?!?!?! You lucky girl, you!

It was great to see you at the Ford concert and you had GREAT seats compared to mine!! ;)

BTW: you are welcome to come out the Celtic Arts Center on Monday's to practice your violin chops and learn some traditional Irish music at the same time =-)

Jennifer Richardson said...

mmmmm....your foggy photos
feel cozy and coaxing,
the perfect invitation to
dive in and play
wild and wooly with art.
Inspired I am:)
beautiful share....thanks,

beth said...

these fog photos are just fabulous !!


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