Wednesday, November 30, 2011

drawing is the honesty of the art. there is no possibility of cheating. it is either good or bad.

(c) kathryn hansen 2011
 put the finishing touches on Bella last night! 

 i was able to squeeze in a little bit of work on my elephants.
 and this is the start of tanner, the next commission up on the drawing board!

i'm progressing quite well considering i sprained my index finger on my right hand about a month ago, and it's just not healing...maybe if i stopped drawing for awhile, but that's near to impossible to do as i'm pretty much obsessed with drawing every day!!


Katherine Kean said...

Bella is beautiful.

Sorry about your finger and I hope it heals fast. It must be hard to refrain from drawing - especially considering your adorable subjects!

patty said...

Love, love love your Bella!! And it's so cool that you have commissions!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

you see so's a joy
to look at your drawings.
healing love to you
and that finger:)

Shelley Whiting said...

Your drawings are very lively and realistic. Beautiful work.


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