Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my weekend

 Tanner (c) Kathryn Hansen 2011

pheeeewww...i just finished this drawing in the nick of time...worked 7 hours on it sunday afternoon and evening and sent it out yesterday in the mail. i don't recall ever drawing that long before! 

on saturday i just had to finish decorating as i was so tired of looking at all the cardboard boxes sitting in my family room for weeks on end. i emptied one box of stuffed animals onto the couch as josie slowly climbed up and snuggled in amongst them and fell fast asleep!!


Katherine Kean said...

Beautiful drawing, how is your hand after the marathon?

Josie looks quite comfortable!

Amelia said...

wow - amazing drawing! :) And 'aw' to the sleeping one . . . hope you have an amazing christmas and new year.


Jennifer Richardson said...

beautiful drawing; beautiful photo
of your sweet doggie napping:)
Bright beautiful beginnings to you
this shiny new year!

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Wow, 7 hours is a marathon session. Beautiful drawing. Josie looks so snuggly.


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