Wednesday, January 4, 2012

 Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.  

~Oprah Winfrey~

i've always loved the start of a new feels like a blank slate full of possibilities!! i always start by creating a list of intentions for the year in december. this year i've hung my list on my closet door in the middle of my dream board so i can see it every day (and not forget about it, like last year!). and just recently i found a worksheet from susannah conway that is super thought provoking and helped me to clarify my intentions even further.
almost done with these elephants
i'm changing things up a bit with my art this year. i'm focusing completely on my drawing: working on my portfolio, entering competitions (specifically 3...but want to enter at least 5 if not more), finishing my book and will teach myself pastels. i am leaving etsy as i felt it made me play it small and look forward to finding gallery representation in 2013.
can you even tell what this is? the back of an elephant!! it will have an oxpecker on it (like in the photo below). to be entered in the birds in art show in wisconsin. one of my long time dreams!!
sooo...this will be a very interesting and exciting year for me, one that i believe will rival one of my very best years, 2010!! i don't know why i have that feeling but i do!!

happy new year everyone!!


Amelia said...

Good luck with your intentions. I think your focus is just what you should be doing. I have thoughts about entering 'open submissions' but sometimes have issue with the thought of paying to enter for someone to tell me my art isn't right! That's why a lot of stuff/shows I've done is through my own endeavours. But I think I want to try it too!

And you should def go for gallery representation.

Your dream board and intentions sound good. Oh I just need to slow it down, but that prob won't last long with the MA!

Happy New year


PS I did reply to you over at mine so you'll know what fairy tale it is ;)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Your drawings are a wonder
and I wish you wings
as you work on your book!
may it be a beauty, this year,

The Creative Beast said...

Happy New Year to you Kathryn! I loved doing Susannah Conway's worksheet for 2012, though it took me tow days to get through it all...I'm looking forward to 2012 and I look forward to seeing your progress on your goals here at your blog =-)

patty said...

Yay! Love how you posted your intentions so you keep seeing them. I think that's so important. Mine are in a notebook but they tend to get lost in there.... looks like you are on a good track for 2012!! I'm going to check out that worksheet too!


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