Tuesday, February 21, 2012

forging ahead and "just california"

 i am sooo hoping to be able to finish up with this elephant drawing in the next week! then i know that i will have the birds in art show covered...well...with at least one drawing! i'm a bit nervous about starting the bird as that's the focal point of this piece and has to be super accurate! the bird will end up being pretty small so i will have to dig out my reading glasses to magnify all the details. what can i say...these eyes are getting old!!
and cool news...5 drawings were chosen for the "just california" gallery show at the mcgroarty arts center in march. the reception is march 9th from 6-9 , just right around the corner! and like, i just realized today that i have a lot of framing to do...and fast!


The Creative Beast said...

Congratulations on the upcoming exhibit! I will have to look up the center to see where it is located - I hope I can come out to support your work =-)

Katherine Kean said...

I'm so excited about the McGroarty show - congratulations!

I empathize - I too must use reading glasses for the details.

Jennifer Richardson said...

bravo to you and your
beautiful drawings!
they really are special,
you know:)

patty said...

Wow - congratulations! I'm not surprised tho - very well deserved!! I just read your last post too. So sorry about what happened and that your daughter had to witness this. Hopefully, as you said, some good somewhere can come from it and that, at some level, it can be a learning experience. Hard though.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Congratulations on the show . . . the detail in your work is simply incredible.

Katherine Kean said...

Love your work in "Just California", and feel that it fits the theme of the show wonderfully. Great job!


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