Monday, October 15, 2012

a gift

Lucy (c)  2012  Kathryn Hansen

this past saturday night i stayed at home since my boyfriend was out of town at a funeral and my youngest daughter was at an overnight babysitting gig. i was all excited to finish "lucy" as i never stay home on a saturday night to draw! i poured myself a delicious glass of red wine, my oldest daughter was snuggled up tight next to me on the couch, we were watching iron man on tv when all of a sudden my daughter was shrieking at the top of her lungs. my head jerked up, i knocked my wine glass over with my drawing spilled everywhere...i looked over to see what the heck!! shortie had brought me a gift...a rat larger than our foster kitten coonie! He ran off to my bedroom and that's where i spent a good portion of my saturday night...chasing after a giant rat. after much imploring, i was able to talk my daughter into finally helping me. we exhaustively managed to capture him and get him safely outside. not exactly how i had envisioned my night going but i did complete original goal...just had to stay up later than i was expecting!

coonie wiped out after all the activity!
shortie, the gift giver keeping a watchful eye on all the commotion


Jennifer Richardson said...

oh. my. gosh.
that you were able to finish
this gorgeous work of art
with your nerves so bobbled
is a pretty amazing feat!
what a crazy night:)
(Lucy is fantastic!)

Katherine Kean said...

What a gift! I've received similar offerings and I'm always a little startled!

Beautiful drawing.

The Creative Beast said...

EEEEK!! That sounds horrifying to have to chase after a huge rat, when you'd rather be drawing!! Good thing the wine didn't spill on it because it looks BEAUTIFUL!! =-)

Eydie said...

YIKES. Now thats what I call a major distractions.
Lucy is beautiful!
You are very talented.

patty said...

What - you didn't photograph the rat?? Just kidding.... I am really a mess with any kind of critters. Kudos to you for handling the situation and lucky your wine did not spill on the lovely Lucy!!! Phew!!


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