Monday, October 29, 2012

clear a path by walking it, boldly

tara sophia mohr

 Watchful (c) 2012  Kathryn Hansen

boy...i am soo happy to be done with this piece...the ivy was really starting to drive me crazy! in the past i would have just abandoned it, yet always lingering in the back of my mind as yet another drawing that was never completed...i have quite a stack of those! so i guess i am proud that i didn't let this one slide...that i stuck it out even tho i really wanted to draw something the giraffe below. which i am loving because i am really seeing how daffy looking giraffes are...not that i didn't notice before but when so intimately involved with drawing a subject it just really dawns on you!!



The Creative Beast said...

OH! the 'watchful' drawing is beautiful! I'm glad you finished it instead of abandoning it for the daffy giraffe...though he is a funny looking thing and I couldn't blame you for wanting to drop all other drawings for such a funny looking fellow!
Or maybe it is a funny looking madam?!?!

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love the way you
don't quit on your ivy
and the giraffe is most likely
my favorite ever
of your genius creations
(i love those creatures!)
i'm so so glad that you ARE
and you share:)

Katherine Kean said...

Daffy, but really sweet.

Congratulations on your finish! I can see how challenging that ivy could be! Worth it - looks great.


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