Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i equate what happened last friday in connecticut to 9/11...emotionally that is. it's been hard not to get caught up in all the different aspects of this inconceivable situation...it really is just heartbreaking. my girls have been getting lots of hugs from me lately as i am sooo grateful i've never had to personally deal with losing a child.

that's why i have been pretty quiet here, but mostly quiet on facebook. sometimes it's just hard to get back into the swing of daily life after such a tragedy.

i am just going to share two completed drawings here that i finished a few weeks ago and then i am going to remain silent until after christmas...maybe by then i will feel ready to jump back into things. right now it's just time for me to be with my girls and family, to quietly grieve, meditate, send energy and pray for peace in our world.


The Creative Beast said...

Yes, the events from last week were terrible indeed =-(

I am glad you took a minute to share the beauty of your drawings - more beauty needs to be shared in the world at this time.

Enjoy your holidays and cherish your daughters!

Jennifer Richardson said...

peace to you
in these troubled times, friend:)
all the merriest,

patty said...

these are just lovely, Kathryn, especially love the detail of that wrinkled elephant!

Keep holding to the light and enjoy your loved ones during these holidays!!



Amelia said...

hope you're feeling okay. just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy christmas and a wonderful new year :)



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