Monday, December 10, 2012

total bust!

 well...the art show yesterday was a total bust! i think i could have counted the amount of people that came on my hands and feet! but i learned SO much, so...i guess, it wasn't a complete waste of time and money. what i learned is to always know exactly what the venue is...i thought it was a fine art wasn't! had i known there was jewelry involved i would never had applied. cuz lets face it, unless your art totally rocks this world nothing can compete with jewelry...especially some of the pieces i saw yesterday. heck if i had made some money i probably would have bought a few exquisite items myself!
the contrast between last weeks show at Segil Art Gallery and this gallery show was huge...i've been pretty dense about catching onto that. but i get it clientele is definitely people looking and buying fine art and a good gallery is where i need to be. (on-line sales are really good too!)
but as always, the vendors were pretty darn cool and fun to talk to...and a few people took my card and were interested in custom portraits. you just never know...sometimes people do come back and buy later...not holding my breath...but sometimes miracles do happen!! and this is the season for them...right?!!


Jennifer Richardson said...

i love your heart to learn
(funny, i always gravitate toward the
fine art rather than the jewelry)
hope you enjoy these twinkly days:)

Katherine Kean said...

It is the season for miracles - not that you need one! Sorry you had a disappointing day. Sometimes it's just good to be seen.
I love your photos - is that a book I see?

The Creative Beast said...

Sorry the day turned out to be a bust but it does seem you learned some important lessons on where your work sells best and THAT is really IMPORTANT!! and you never do know - someone just MIGHT be back for a special portrait, so hang in there!

patty said...

Kathryn, I guess I missed this post and just wanted to say... I have been there many times! All that work and time (and sometimes $$) and nothing to show for it. You have a good attitude though and are learning what works best and I bet almost every artist who has tried to sell their work has a similar story to tell! You have such fabulous work - there is definitely an audience for it but it takes time and trial and error to find it! Hang in there!!


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